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Home and School Meeting

Home and School Meeting click HERE

Attendance and Punctuality

One of our fourth grade students is preparing our Attendance and Punctuality board for the afternoon.  We are working to make sure that Every Moment Matters!

2015 10 16 12.05.07

Opera Tampa Visit

Opera Tampa were amazing in showing off their musical skills for our students

2015 10 16 13.56.47

Spaghetti Dinner

We are asking for volunteers for our Spaghetti Dinner on October 10.  Please click the link for more information.

Spaghetti Dinner Information

Registration Forms/Formularios de Registro

In order to register your child for the next school year, please use the Enrollment/Reenrollment module of RenWeb.

More information and how-to instructions included here.

For prospective families, this information will be provided when you are ready to enroll.  Contact Mylee Perez for more information.

Para inscribir a su hijo para el próximo año escolar, use el módulo Inscripción / Reinscripción de RenWeb.

Más información e instrucciones incluidas aquí.

Para familias prospectivas, esta información se proporcionará cuando esté listo para inscribirse. Contacte a Mylee Perez para más información.



VPK Forms/Formularios

1. Register for the VPK certificate through the Hillsborough County ELC

2. Complete and turn in our registration form.

1. Regístrese para obtener el certificado de VPK a través del ELC del Condado de Hillsborough.

2. Complete y entregue nuestro formulario de registro.

Superintendent's Letter to Parents

Click here to access the Superintendent's letter to parents.

August/September Newsletter Published

Click here to see the August/September newsletter

Tiger Newsletters/Tiger Bolatines Informtivos

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Volleyball Schedule

Girls' Volleyball schedule posted here

Parent Meeting Flyer

Click here for information on Thursday, August 13th Parent Meeting starting at 6:30pm


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